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The most in-depth skills platform on the market.

Understand the skills in your organization through the most in-depth skills platform on the market. Our AI models recognize ~50,000 skills in real-time data to find skill-gaps, reskilling opportunities, upskilling opportunities and automation potential for organizations. Next-gen precision, fully automated.

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Your future workforce needs

next-gen insights.

Better build, buy or hire decisions.

Our AI helps companies navigate complex skills conversations. Our platform shows precisely what it would take to reskill or upskill people in terms of skill gaps, time, and investment needed.

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Kimo Feature

Discover how precision leads to business value.

The next-level precision of our AI models allows for extensive value creation. Examples include better strategic workforce planning, personal learning journeys, a deep understanding of automation opportunities, closing strategic execution gaps, and new, skills-based remuneration packages.